Trump fears impeachment because it would be bad for his brand: New York Times reporter


According to New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters, the real reason President Donald Trump is worried about possibly being impeached has nothing to do with any political harm it might do to him or the GOP. Instead, Trump fears what impeachment might do to his brand, which could cost him millions of dollars.

Appearing on MSNBC Sunday morning, Peters told host David Gura:

“Having spoken to people who speak to the president, he does not want to be impeached. It’s bad for his brand. But he’s right about that. It’s also bad as far as he’s concerned because it would just be such a distraction and such a heavy undertaking. This is not like the Mueller report and the years they went through investigating him behind the scenes. This is all conducted in public. It would be such a spectacle, unlike anything that we saw with Watergate or even with Bill Clinton because the media environment right now is so different.”

It’s important to note that what Peters had to say flies in the face of what some Republicans have predicted would happen if Trump is impeached: That he would emerge stronger and easily win re-election in 2020. Peters addressed that, too, saying some Democrats are also skittish that impeachment might cost them control of the House:

“I’m picking up on a lot of the same things from the Democrats in the house. What they are worried about is losing more seats in 2020. That’s a big concern because this president is able to have his voters, his people, take on his fights as if they’re their own fights. And by portraying this as a witch hunt, as a redo of the 2016 election while the 2020 re-election is taking place, I think that worries a lot of Democrats because they see that as an advantage for the president because he’s saying they’re sore losers. And you know what, Americans really don’t like sore losers.”

But if there’s proof that a president has indeed committed crimes, shouldn’t he be punished? To forego the punishment that is set forth in the Constitution due to political considerations is an insult to what the Founding Fathers believed: No man is above the law.

As usual, Trump doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself. He’s a selfish, narcissistic man who would be only too happy to rip this country apart at the seams if it served his own purposes. A man like that has no place in the White House.

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