Trump gets bad news from economists after he brags about GDP report


President Donald Trump is spiking the football again after a new report shows GDP for the first quarter of 2019 is higher than predicted, but economics experts are already warning that it’s not exactly something to cheer about.

Despite a crippling government shutdown and several trade wars, the economy posted a 3.2 percent GDP to start 2019, which resulted in Trump taking to Twitter to brag.

However, economists and economic analysts had bad news for Trump and America that not all the news is great and that the second quarter will likely play out much differently.

POLITICO Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White observed that consumer spending dropped and that other factors that contributed to the higher GDP could reverse.

Grant Thornton Chief Economist Diane Swonk, who advises the Federal Reserve, noted that a lot of gains were because of aircraft orders and wrote that over half of the GDP figure was the result of high inventory and slower trade.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman called the rate a mere “blip.”

Washington Post economics correspondent Heather Long pointed out that certain factors pushed the number past expectations but warned that other aspects of the report indicate that the economy is fading.

Jason Furman, former Chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, warned that underlying data shows the economy is slowing, a sign that a recession is on the way.

And the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell, who is also an economic commentator for CNN, pointed out that a much lower GDP is predicted for next quarter.

And you can bet that Trump will not be bragging about a much lower GDP. He certainly won’t take responsibility for it. As Americans across the country suffer the consequences of his economic incompetence, he’ll blame anyone and anything but himself.

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