Trump Gets Called Out By Experts After Falsely Claiming Drug Prices Dropped Because Of Him

drug prices

President Donald Trump got his ass handed to him on Twitter by doctors, insurers, and pharmacists on Friday evening after he falsely claimed that drug prices were down in 2018 and that it’s all because of him.

Lowering drug prices is one of Trump’s many promises on the campaign trail, and he tried to proclaim victory this week for some reason without citing any sources:

In reality, drug prices have only risen.

According to the Associated Press:

“There were fewer price increases this year from January through July than in comparable prior-year periods, but companies still hiked prices far more often than they cut them. This year through the end of July, there were 4412 brand-name drug price increases and 46 price cuts, a ratio of 96 to 1.”

Even Fox Business reports that drug-makers are already jacking up the prices again in 2019:

“While many of the increases are relatively modest, a few are particularly high, including on some generics, the cheaper alternative to branded accounting for nine out of 10 prescriptions filled in the U.S.”

And that’s not all. Doctors, pharmacists, and insurance workers responded to Trump’s by fact-checking him.

You know who else called out Trump? Donald Trump himself!

Indeed, Trump literally whined just last week that drug companies are raising prices:

Clearly, Trump just got caught telling another massive lie, and one that will be noticed by even his most ardent supporters. After all, even they need prescription drugs.

Featured Image: Wikimedia