Trump gets caught lying about the size of his rally crowd by Fox News

New Hampshire Fox News

President Donald Trump bragged about the attendance at his New Hampshire rally on Thursday night. The problem is that he got caught lying by Fox News.

Thousands of Trump supporters attended the rally, but Trump made it seem like there were way more people than there actually was, even going so far as to claim that he broke the attendance record set by legendary performer Elton John.

But even Fox News showed many empty seats in the arena, something that is not a feature of Elton John concerts, which Twitter users pointed out.

Some Trump supporters tried to count the crowd outside the building, but that really does not count, especially since there were empty seats in the arena.

And even if Trump did break a record, that doesn’t mean New Hampshire is going to vote for him in 2020. After all, the state disapproves of him by a 26 point margin.

Clearly, the pictures show Trump is lying. And we have Fox News to thank for finally being truthful for once.

Featured Image: Twitter