Trump gets humiliated on Twitter for praising Fox News gadflies Diamond and Silk

You’re probably familiar with Diamond and Silk, two African-American women who make videos they post online with endless praise for President Donald Trump. They’re also regulars on Fox News.

Just this week, the two made an appearance on Fox where they claimed that climate change was caused by the rotation of the earth and nothing to worry about. Diamond (aka Lynette Hardaway) remarked:

“With the earth rotating at 1,000 miles per hour, okay, 365 days of the year. We’re subject to feel climate changing a little bit, but not to the tune where we have to dismantle everything and start the earth back over again. It’s an absolutely ‘no’ for us.”

Diamond and Silk have even visited the White House, and apparently did so again recently, based on this tweet:

Trump even commented on their tweet:

But based on the reaction he got from social media, the president probably should have just pretended he didn’t know Diamond and Silk. Take a look:

Featured Image Via Twitter