Trump gets mocked after sharing bogus approval rating poll on Twitter

On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump decided he’d share some phony poll numbers he had seen being hyped by Fox Business host Lou Dobbs showing him with a 55 percent approval rating:

Problem is, the poll, which was conducted by Georgetown politics, actually has Trump with a 42 percent approval rating. 52 percent disapprove of the job the president is doing. So the graphic from Dobbs is fake, and so is Trump’s pathetic bragging about how great he’s doing.

Even worse for Trump is that the poll shows that 48 percent of voters in the survey said they had a “strongly” unfavorable opinion of Trump. A mere 27 percent said they had a “strongly” favorable opinion of him.

Reaction from social media to Trump’s fake poll numbers was immediate and at times hilarious:

Nice try, Donnie, but the vast majority of Americans still can’t stand you, and those numbers won’t be going up after we all get a good look at the Mueller report.

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