Trump Gets Mocked For Latest Vow That Mexico Will Pay For His Border Wall

Trump wall

After getting humiliated by incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) earlier this week on the issue of Congressional funding for his border wall, President Donald Trump again proclaimed that Mexico will be footing the bill.

Thursday morning, Trump tweeted out this bizarre word salad of idiocy:

What does that even mean? By the money we save on the new trade deal, Mexico is paying for the wall? If that’s so, why does the president keep insisting that Congress allocate billions for construction? As Mediaite notes:

“A few problems: Trump’s wall is not currently being built, the USMCA trade deal is essentially NAFTA with a few tweaks. The idea that NAFTA with a fresh lick of paint is going to fund Trump’s $25 billion border wall is… hard to believe.”

It’s beyond hard to believe. It’s a steaming heap of dung.

The internet quickly responded to Trump, reminding him of some unpleasant facts he neglected to mention:

Later today, perhaps Donnie will tell us he’s paid off the national debt by simply moving all those pesky zeros to the front of the total amount due. That’ll show all those doubting Thomas economists!

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