Trump gets mocked when he tries to take credit for new Ford jobs announced during Obama administration

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President Donald Trump tried to take credit for an announcement from Ford that is going to create 900 new jobs at an auto manufacturing plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, and was brutally fact checked on social media. Those jobs, you see, were announced when Barack Obama was still president.

On Twitter Wednesday, Trump posted this:

Problem is, the initial announcement of those jobs came on January 3, 2017, when Obama was still president. As the Detroit News reported at the time:

Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday it is canceling plans to establish a $1.6 billion in plant in Mexico to build the Ford Focus. It plans to invest $700 million at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant and create 700 new jobs in Michigan as it adds production of a new electric small SUV and a self-driving hybrid vehicle.

Ford’s announcement on Wednesday was merely a minor on that initial investment. The company is now planning to invest an additional $200 million in the plant and create an additional 200 jobs, according to the Associated Press.

And then there’s the larger issue of the auto industry under Trump. His ongoing trade war led to General Motors eliminating five production plants and eliminate 15,000 jobs. And that happened under Trump’s so-called leadership.

Twitter was quick to remind Trump that he’s merely riding Obama’s coattails, as usual:

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