Trump gets multiple pies in his face for making phony claims about his unratified USMCA deal

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President Donald Trump insisted on Thursday morning that his trade negotiations with China and his USMCA deal with Canada and Mexico are “moving along nicely.” It’s a big lie, of course, which is why Twitter laughed at him.

Trump signed what amounts to a slightly tweaked version of NAFTA last year when he signed the USMCA deal. But while Trump is pretending that his deal is the new law of the land, the fact is that Congress has to ratify it first, and that’s not going to happen since Democrats control the House. So NAFTA is very much still the law.

As for Trump’s negotiations with China, he still hasn’t achieved a deal despite months of promising that his team is close to getting one.

On Thursday, Trump claimed all is well.

Trump’s trade wars have caused the highest trade deficit in American history and the warning signs of the recession continue to mount.

Twitter users responded to Trump’s desperate lies with mockery.

Lying about the economy is a huge risk because once the recession does happen, many Americans will be unprepared for it and Republicans can kiss their election chances goodbye in 2020. The fact is that the economy is under strain and Trump has been getting by for the last two years because of former President Barack Obama’s economic policies, which are not going to prop up the economy much longer under the weight of the damage Trump has caused with his trade wars and tax cuts. At some point, the bubble will burst and it will do so right in Trump’s face.

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