Trump gets walloped on Twitter for race baiting over Virginia blackface controversy


President Donald Trump dared to speak for African-Americans on Sunday to tell the country how they feel about the blackface controversy in Virginia. It didn’t go well.

Governor Ralph Northam is under fire for continuing to refuse to resign after he admitted that he appeared in blackface in a 1984 yearbook before reversing himself.

Of course, Trump waded into the controversy earlier this week despite the fact that he himself has endorsed white nationalism and has said many offensive and racist remarks since taking office which should force him to resign.

On Sunday, Trump doubled down and went so far as to claim to know how black people feel.

This unbelievable hypocrisy resulted in Twitter users slapping the taste out of his mouth.

If Trump thinks he can pander to black voters by race-baiting he’s going to discover very soon that his strategy is backfiring. Because all he is doing by tweeting about the situation in Virginia is calling attention to his own racist sins, which includes joking about Native American genocide just last night in a Twitter attack on Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Clearly, if anyone should resign for their racist behavior, it’s Trump.

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