Trump Gets ‘Back To Work’ – On The Golf Course

Despite a Christmas Day promise that he would be getting “back to work” on Tuesday, Trump played golf on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Monday night, he claimed that he would get back to work like millions of Americans have to do after the Christmas break.

So, he should have been back at the White House performing the duties of the office of the presidency. But, apparently, he considers hitting a little white ball “work.”

According to Newsweek:

After promising to get “back to work” on Tuesday, President Donald Trump spent the morning at his Florida golf course yet again.

The president, who is in the middle of a Christmas vacation at his luxury resort Mar-a-Lago, rolled into the Trump International Golf Club around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, according to a press pool report.

Again, Trump declared that he would be getting back to work. Last time I checked, golf isn’t “work.”

And to add further insult to the American people, Trump went golfing again on Wednesday according to NBC News.

Note that NBC kindly provided up-to-date stats on his golf trips and days spent on his own properties only 341 days into his first year as president.

He has played the links on 86 of those days, far more than former President Barack Obama played during his first year. He has also spent 112 days on his own properties away from the White House.

And that’s not all. One Twitter user pointed out that our so-called “president” has taken 111 vacation days during his first year, far more than any president going all the way back to Jimmy Carter.

These golf trips are incredibly costly to American taxpayers, and ring in at over $42 million since he took office.

He is currently on pace to golf more, take more vacation days, and waste more taxpayer dollars than any president before him, including President Obama, whom he frequently attacked for playing golf and taking vacation days.

So on top of being a liar and lazy, Trump is a hypocrite, too. But we already knew that.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot