Trump Hijacks French Protests To Make Them About Trade Deficits And NATO

Trump Macron

As France deals with mass protests, President Donald Trump tried to make the domestic unrest all about him and his gripes about NATO and trade deficits.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets this week to express anger towards the French government over gasoline taxes and wealth inequity, with many going so far as to commit acts of violence as police acted to protect key buildings.

The rising cost of living combined with increasing gas taxes has pushed many to the breaking point.

Most of the protesters were peaceful, and those who were not drew a rebuke from French President Emmanuel Macron.

“There is no place for violence in the Republic,” he wrote on Twitter.

Despite the protests being about internal policies that have nothing to do with the United States, Trump took to Twitter himself on Sunday morning to make the unrest all about him.

Again, NATO and the trade deficit with the European Union have nothing to do with the protests in France. Trump is clearly trying to stir chaos and wants to use the protests as a way to get what he wants.

It should be pointed out that NATO nations are already paying their fair share or will be doing so by 2020. Furthermore, NATO is not a protection racket, it’s a military alliance.

In addition, seeing as how the European Union currently has a $92 billion trade surplus, it’s delusional to believe the French people would ever protest over trade that benefits them.

Twitter users mocked Trump for trying to take advantage of the protests.

This would be a good time for Trump to keep his mouth shut and offer support and sympathy to France instead of acting like a bad ally who only thinks of himself.


Featured Image: Wikimedia