Trump horrifies free world and disgraces America by gushing over Kim Jong Un in North Korean photo-op

North Korea Kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump further legitimized North Korea this week by meeting with Kim Jong Un at the DMZ before stepping into North Korea itself, only to attack American journalists to impress his fellow dictator.

Rather than simply coming back to the United States after the G-20 summit, Trump chose to stop by the Korean peninsula to continue sucking up to Kim Jong Un.

During the visit, he met Kim at the DMZ and took a few steps into North Korea before talking to reporters.

“Stepping across that line was a great honor,” Trump said even though a brutal dictator like Kim deserves no such recognition from the so-called “leader of the free world.”

Trump even further stained the office he holds by inviting Kim to the White House and gushed that the murderous dictator “understands” him.

And then he attacked and insulted the press while praising Kim.

“When I put out the social media notification, if he didn’t show up the press was going to make me look very bad,” Trump claimed. “He made us both look very good.”

Here’s the video via MSNBC:

After the meeting, Trump continued praising Kim Jong Un.

While Trump’s biggest cheerleaders were busy kissing his a** over the meeting, experts and other observers were not fooled.

This meeting is not a step forward. It’s a step backward. North Korea has no need to denuclearize because Trump is giving Kim Jong Un everything he wants without having to do a thing in return except flatter Trump with letters. It’s disgraceful and threatens our national security and weakens our foreign policy.

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