Trump insults federal workers by thanking them for working without pay so he can ‘win big’


President Donald Trump literally thanked the federal workers he has taken hostage because of the government shutdown over his demand for wall funding on Sunday evening, and claimed that he’s going to “win big,” thus confirming that federal workers will continue to not get paid.

The government shutdown, which Trump took full ownership of in December before it even happened, has now dragged on for a whole month, and 800,000 federal workers are still struggling to get by without paychecks.

Federal workers have already shared their stories of struggle and sacrifice during this difficult time, but Trump added insult to injury by actually having the gall to thank them for working without pay.

Trump seems to think these federal workers are sticking around in support of him and his demand for a border wall. But that’s not the case here at all. Many workers are staying home or looking for new jobs while others are sticking around in the hopes that Trump will see reason and end the shutdown so they can collect back-pay. Others are protesting in front of the White House.

It’s certainly not because they support him. In fact, most Americans blame Trump for the shutdown and agree with the Democratic plan to re-open the government, which does not include the wall.

Trump also suggested that he intends to continue the shutdown no matter how long it takes because it’s all about him getting a win.

Well, Democratic leaders only expressed sympathy for federal workers in Twitter posts earlier in the day, and they expressed their hope to end the shutdown, saying nothing about “winning.”

Clearly, Democrats are the ones fighting for these workers while Trump is more interested in using them as props/hostages in an effort to win at all costs.

He literally admitted that in his pathetic and insulting tweet. Hopefully, Americans noticed.

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