Trump Is Tweeting Gibberish About The Immigrant Caravan Again

After saying nothing about the immigrant caravan from Central America since the GOP took a shellacking in the midterm election, President Donald Trump broke his silence on the issue Friday evening with two tweets:

There’s a lot to unpack there, but let’s take a shot at it.

First of all, for anyone traveling in a foreign country to be carrying an American flag would not only be bizarre, it could also be a security threat to them and their fellow travelers.

Secondly, while these immigrants are leaving their home country, that doesn’t mean they don’t still feel warmly towards their birthplace. What person wouldn’t?

How exactly is this all a BIG CON? The only thing American taxpayers are forced to pay for is the needless deployment of thousands of U.S. troops to the border, a move that was totally unnecessary and only done as a political stunt in the closing days of the election by a craven president who thought he could rely on fear to motivate his political base.

The reaction to Trump’s latest blathering about the caravan drew plenty of comments from others on Twitter:

Since the election is over with, Trump must be trying to distract us from something else. What could it possibly be? Does it start with the words Robert Mueller?

Featured Image Via the BBC