Trump Jr. claims his dad brought back the American Dream and gets humiliated

Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. desperately sought daddy’s love and approval on Twitter Tuesday by claiming President Donald Trump brought back the “American Dream,” only to be brutally humiliated instead.

Trump Jr. frequently brags about his dad and attacks his political opponents. And it always backfires on him, like when he mocked former Vice-President Joe Biden for seeking a cure for cancer in the wake of his son Beau dying from the disease.

If that wasn’t sickening enough, Trump Jr. tried to claim that his dad brought back the American Dream and had the gall to say that he’s doing it for the children as migrant children continue to be kidnapped from their parents and placed in concentration camps where they are horribly treated and sometimes die because of it.

The problem is that the only ones really experiencing the “American Dream” right now are wealthy people who benefited from Trump’s tax giveaway. Twitter users not only reminded him of that fact, but informed him that his constant sucking up won’t make daddy love him.

Perhaps even more devastating and embarrassing is that Trump shared tweets from his other kids and even his son-in-law Jared Kushner, but not this one by Trump Jr.

That has to sting.

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