Trump Jr. falsely accuses Rep. Ilhan Omar of inciting violence against Republicans

Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. desperately tried to distract from his daddy’s racist attacks on Monday by falsely accusing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) of calling for violence against Republicans.

Omar is one of the four Democratic congresswomen of color President Donald Trump viciously attacked in a racist rant two weeks ago telling them to “go back” where they came from even though all four are American citizens and three of the four were born in the United States.

The backlash against Trump has been tremendous, so of course it didn’t take long before one of his children tried to do some gaslighting of their own to distract from the dumpster fire their dad started.

Trump Jr. tried to distract from his dad’s racism by accusing Omar of inciting violence against Republicans just because she retweeted a joke by Tom Arnold mocking Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who recently blocked and then voted against the 9/11 first responders bill.

Seriously, nowhere in Arnold’s tweet is there a call for violence. He merely referenced Paul being tackled by his neighbor, an attack that itself was not politically motivated, but over trees that lowered his neighbor’s property value and cutting his grass so short it made his neighbor’s neatly cut lawn look uncut.

And Omar did not even say anything about violence herself, but she has had plenty of death threats from conservatives because of attacks by Trump and Trump Jr., this latest false accusation included.

Even Twitter users weren’t buying his bullsh*t.

If this is best Trump Jr. can come up with in an effort to smear Omar, he must be truly desperate.

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