Trump Jr. Gets Crushed For Repeating False Claim That FBI Destroyed Text Messages

Trump Jr.

Donald trump Jr. followed his daddy’s lead on Saturday evening when he falsely accused the FBI if destroying thousands of text messages between former FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, only to be brutally trashed on social media.

President Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani went batsh*t crazy Friday morning by howling about the FBI supposedly destroying the texts, allegations that they repeated from conservative outlets.

Trump attempted to use the report to once again discredit the Russia investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

His son, who could be the next to be indicted by the probe, would go on to merely retweet his dad’s erroneous claim, only to post his own reaction later:

Of course, every single text message sent between the pair of agents has already been analyzed. Plus, Strzok was removed from the investigation by Mueller early on and Page resigned.

Furthermore, the Inspector General has cleared the FBI of any wrongdoing and pointed out that the FBI actually managed to recover thousands of the messages.

According to NBC News:

“The Justice Department’s watchdog has found no evidence the FBI intentionally destroyed text messages of two former FBI officials involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

“Instead, the Inspector General in a report on Thursday faulted an FBI-wide software failure that has resulted in large portions of FBI text messages not being archived.

“The report examined a gap in messages from December 2016 through May 2017 from the phones of former FBI agent Peter Strzok and ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The FBI ultimately managed to recover thousands of the messages.”

In other words, Trump, his son and his lawyer all tweeted out fake news in an effort to smear the FBI and the Russia investigation.

Twitter users did not let Trump Jr. escape mockery:

Just another day and another pathetic and desperate attempt to undermine an investigation that is closing in. Trump Jr. should be terrified.

Featured Image: Wikimedia