Trump Jr. joins GOP lawmakers in fear-mongering and lying about an insanely popular bill

Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. helped Republican lawmakers spread a vicious lie about a Democratic bill designed to make elections fairer and voting easier for Americans in an effort to turn the people against it.

The bill, known as HR 1, would make Election Day a national holiday, end gerrymandering, enact automatic voter registration, requires presidential candidates release their tax returns, strengthens ethics rules and gets dirty money out of campaign financing.

Naturally, the bill is insanely popular according to multiple polls, which means Republicans hate it.

And that’s why three House Republicans attempted to amend the bill with an amendment addressing the non-existent problem of undocumented immigrants voting in national and state elections, which is already illegal, making the amendment redundant.

Anyway, Democrats shot down the amendment, and Republicans responded by falsely claiming that HR 1 gives undocumented immigrants the right to vote. Reps. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), Lloyd Smucker (R-Pa.) and Kevin Brady (R-Texas) perpetuated this false claim on Twitter using the usual hysterics.

And then Trump Jr. joined in by spreading the lie.

Of course, there is no such language in this bill whatsoever that gives undocumented immigrants the right to vote. This is more fear mongering by Trump Jr. and Republicans to make the bill less popular. And Twitter users called them out for it.

If Trump Jr. and Republicans are working this hard to fear monger about a bill, you know it must be a fantastic piece of legislation that actually benefits the American people.


Featured Image: Wikimedia