Trump Jr. Smears CNN By Claiming Fired Journalist Wrote 14 Fake Articles About His Dad

Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. spread an outright falsehood on Friday when he claimed on Twitter that a fired journalists who once was awarded “Journalist of the Year” by CNN wrote 14 fake stories about his dad, President Donald Trump.

German journalist Claas Relotius fabricated 14 out of 60 stories he wrote during his seven years of work, which resulted in his immediate termination once his editors discovered the scheme.

Apparently, his fear of failing became so great after he achieved popularity in his home country that he felt the need to make up stories to maintain it.

“I am sick and I need to get help,” he told Der Spiegel. “It wasn’t because of the next big thing. It was fear of failing. My pressure to not be able to fail got ever bigger the more successful I became.”

Conservatives, however, immediately used the firing as evidence that CNN reports fake news about Trump, with Trump Jr. taking to Twitter to claim that all of Relotius’ fake stories were about his dad:

But that’s a lie. It turns out that only one of Relotius’ stories was Trump-related.

According to Marketwatch, Relotius wrote a story about a rural town in Minnesota making it appear that all of Trump’s supporters in rural America are racists.

Again, it’s true the Relotius wrote 14 fabricated stories, and that CNN once named him “Journalist of the Year,” but Trump Jr. is lying by claiming that all of the stories were about his dad, and he is unfairly using the incident to smear CNN just as his dad has been doing since taking office. CNN has been good about retracting and correcting stories, and just because a journalist that doesn’t even work for CNN gets caught writing fake news, it doesn’t mean CNN peddles it.

Twitter users called Trump Jr. out for peddling fake news himself:

Seriously, Trump Jr’s impending indictment can’t come soon enough. Then we won’t have to see any more of his slimy tweets.

Featured Image: Wikimedia