Trump lashes out at Fox’s Shepard Smith as ‘lowest rated anchor’ – Suggests he go work at CNN

Having already defended Fox hosts Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson earlier in the day on social media, President Donald Trump though he’d go for the Sunday trifecta and tell news anchor Shepard Smith that he should get a job at CNN:

What exactly brought that on? Could it be that anyone on TV who refuses to constantly kiss Trump’s fat butt is automatically considered to be unworthy of having a different opinion by the thin-skinned head of state? Notice he never says anything negative about Sean Hannity, who is only too happy to serve as a prime time lap dog for the Megalomaniac-in-Chief.

There’s also the issue of why Trump feels the need to tell others how to run their business. He’s been a failure at his own real estate ventures (6 bankruptcies), so now he thinks he can run Fox News better than Rupert Murdoch? That’s pretty rich.

As you’d expect, the Donald got plenty of pointed barbs from others on Twitter. Take a look:

If Donnie is this deranged on Sunday, can you imagine what tomorrow is going to be like?

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot