Trump laughably claims Ivanka has ‘created millions of jobs’ during meeting with governors


Without providing any evidence whatsoever, President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that his daughter Ivanka has “created millions of jobs,” a remark that immediately drew widespread ridicule.

Ivanka supposedly works as an adviser to her father focusing on job creation and workforce development. At least, that what she says on her Twitter account.

During a meeting with many of the nation’s governors on Monday, Trump delivered remarks before bragging about Ivanka.

“My daughter’s created millions of jobs,” Trump said in a video posted on Twitter by ABC News. “I don’t know if anyone knows that, but she’s created millions of jobs.”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

The problem is that Ivanka is in no position to actually create jobs. She is an unelected adviser. She does not help pass laws in Congress nor does she sign them in the White House. Furthermore, the job creation we currently see today is a continuation of the jobs growth record achieved under former President Barack Obama when the country saw 75 consecutive months of jobs growth. 25 more consecutive months of job growth have happened since then, but Ivanka had very little or nothing to do with it.

In fact, it turns out the 6.3 million jobs pledge she has been touting for several months had already been previously planned by companies who signed on. It had nothing to do with Ivanka at all, and pledges are not the same as actual job creation.

Even Twitter users called bullsh*t.

The only job Ivanka has created in the United States is the one she currently occupies as a result of unethical nepotism.

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