Trump Laughably Demands Democrats Approve Funding For His Useless Border Wall ‘NOW’

Trump wall

President Donald Trump thinks he can demand Democrats approve his border wall, but all he’s doing is making himself look like more of a pathetic joke.

All week long, Trump has been fear mongering about immigrants traveling to the southern border from Central America to escape violence in their homeland, even going so far as to try banning asylum, a move that was blocked in federal court because the president can’t usurp a law made by Congress.

So now Trump is back to demanding funding for his wall, which he had repeatedly claimed Mexico would pay for back in 2016:

Trump actually believes that a mere wall is enough to fix our immigration issues, which is totally ignorant because walls can be tunneled under. Immigrants could also enter the country by boat and plane.

What Trump really wants is a monument with his name on it that will stand as a symbol of white supremacy.

It will cost taxpayers billions of dollars to build and won’t change a thing except add an eyesore to the southern border that hurts the environment and makes America a laughingstock.

It also appears that Trump is threatening a government shutdown if he doesn’t get his way. But Republicans just got their asses handed to them by Democrats in the 2018 midterm election earlier this month. The last thing they want is to be responsible for a costly government shutdown. And make no mistake, Trump and Republicans will be blamed for it. And that won’t help them in 2020.

Of course, Twitter users mocked Trump’s petty demand:

America doesn’t need a border wall. It needs a new president who will consider better solutions to immigration.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot