Trump Loses His Sh*t In Bonkers Twitter Rant Against LaVar Ball

This behavior is beyond unpresidential. Donald Trump belongs in a mental institution, not the White House.

One would have thought that the so-called president would focus on the Thanksgiving holiday rather than spend his time watching television and tweeting.

But, apparently, he is lazy and has nothing better to do at the “Winter White House” either.

During his first day back at Mar-a-Lago after endorsing child molester Roy Moore, he lashed out at LaVar Ball, the father of one of the UCLA basketball players who was released from jail after shoplifting in China.

Ball drew Trump’s ire after questioning whether he really helped free his son and the other two players.

Trump was quick to whine and even said he should have left them in jail.

On Monday, LaVar Ball doubled down.

“How’d he help?” Ball asked on CNN. “If he helped, I would say thank you.”

On Thursday morning, Trump finally responded and exploded in a childish rage.

Stealing an election is not a little thing either, especially in the United States, but Trump clearly has no problem with that crime.

And while he is now pretending that he singlehandedly secured the players’ release, that was not the claim Trump made last week when he demanded the players say thank you to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Attacking a private citizen and demanding gratitude like a tyrant is un-American and disgraces the office of the presidency. Trump is not fit to hold office. He’s petty and thin-skinned, and he’s an embarrassment to this country. This latest temper tantrum proves it.