Trump lover Kid Rock gets a** handed to him for insulting Democratic supporter Taylor Swift

Kid Rock

Washed up musician and President Donald Trump supporter Kid Rock viciously attacked superstar artist Taylor Swift on Twitter for being a Democrat on Friday. And it’s one of the biggest mistakes he ever made since deciding to get into the music industry.

Swift is set to be on the cover of the September issue of Vogue, which includes an interview with the singer in which she discusses her effort to be more politically active since Trump took office in 2017.

Well, Kid Rock lashed out at Swift for opposing Trump, whom he has played golf with while being a complete suck-up in an effort to be relevant.

In his attack, the Confederate flag aficionado accused Swift of performing sexual favors to break into Hollywood.

Never mind the fact that Kid Rock himself appeared in the film Joe Dirt, and one wonders what he had to do to get that bit part. Also never mind that there are lots of actors in Hollywood who have successful careers, not just Democrats.

Kid Rock’s insinuation is vulgar and sexist and he owes Swift an apology. Thus far, she has chosen not to respond, but many Twitter users spoke up in her defense and made sure that his attack would be a pox upon his trailer park.

Seriously, Kid Rock really should shut up and spend more time trying to come up with an actually good song instead of spending his time attacking people who are far more popular than him. But what else can we really expect from a has-been Trump supporter who is desperate for attention?

Featured Image: Twitter