Trump mocks climate change because it’s cold and snowy outside


President Donald Trump attacked climate science on Twitter Sunday morning after warning Americans to take precautions due to the winter storm that is sweeping the country.

Despite climate change warnings from his own administration, Trump ignored the reports once again so that he could mock climate change on Twitter by arguing that because it’s cold and snowy outside that climate change isn’t real.


Trump can act like an ignorant child all he wants, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s confusing weather and climate change and clearly has no respect for science.

According to Scientific American:

[W]armer temperatures in the winter of 2006 caused Lake Erie to not freeze for the first time in its history. This actually led to increased snowfalls because more evaporating water from the lake was available for precipitation.

But while more extreme weather events of all kinds—from snowstorms to hurricanes to droughts—are likely side effects of a climate in transition, most scientists maintain that any year-to-year variation in weather cannot be linked directly to either a warming or cooling climate.

Even most global warming skeptics agree that a specific cold snap or freak storm doesn’t have any bearing on whether or not the climate problem is real.

So, climate change can cause extreme weather in the winter as well, even though yearly average temperatures are still on the rise and have resulted in the hottest years on record since 1997.

Many nations around the globe had committed to reversing or stopping climate change by signing the Paris climate accords, but Trump withdrew America from it in favor of the fossil fuel industry.

Twitter users slammed Trump’s blatant disregard for climate science.

Climate change is the number one threat to our planet and it is harming military readiness in addition to causing worse weather disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, drought, and flooding. This is not something to mock. It needs to be taken seriously and Trump is clearly not doing that.

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