Trump official’s wife calls for bringing back deadly childhood diseases in anti-vaxxer tweet

measles vaccine

The wife of President Donald Trump’s assistant Bill Shine made an astounding claim on Twitter in support of the anti-vaxxer movement on Wednesday that we should “bring back childhood diseases” because they help people fight cancer.

Seriously, Darla Shine actually called for letting deadly childhood diseases run wild in the United States again after CNN reported on a recent measles outbreak in the northwest that has parents living in fear that their child will get sick because of the irresponsibility of anti-vaxxer parents.

Except that surviving the measles would only make a person more immune to the measles. It wouldn’t help anyone beat cancer.

And measles is one of the most deadly and contagious diseases in world history, including in the United States when Baby Boomers were children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

In 1912, measles became a nationally notifiable disease in the United States, requiring U.S. healthcare providers and laboratories to report all diagnosed cases. In the first decade of reporting, an average of 6,000 measles-related deaths were reported each year.

In the decade before 1963 when a vaccine became available, nearly all children got measles by the time they were 15 years of age. It is estimated 3 to 4 million people in the United States were infected each year. Also each year, among reported cases, an estimated 400 to 500 people died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and 1,000 suffered encephalitis (swelling of the brain) from measles.

Because of the MMR vaccine, the measles had been eradicated in the United States by 2000, only for it to return because of anti-vaxxers who don’t believe in science.

As the wife of a White House official, Darla Shine is only endangering the public health by calling for the return of childhood diseases, which would likely kill many children, particularly those in poorer parts of the country such as in red states that support Trump. Is Darla Shine calling for the death of Trump supporters’ children?

Because it certainly sounds like she is advocating for death and maiming, which is why Twitter users called her and the anti-vaxxer movement out.

The Trump administration is taking America back to a time when children needlessly died from a disease that had once been eradicated from our shores. Clearly, the anti-vaxxer movement has reached the White House and this country is marching toward a full-blown measles epidemic that scientists and medical professionals can only hope to contain. As long as people in the anti-vaxxer movement are in positions of power and influence, the health of our nation is only going to get worse.

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