Trump Just Made Sure That Oprah Winfrey 2020 Rumors Stay Alive

President Donald Trump was apparently so disturbed by the heinous shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that not only did decide to go golfing for the gazillionth time on the tax payer’s dime, but he also chose to call out Orpah Winfrey in a most pathetic tweet.

Winfrey, media mogul and queen of daytime television, faced a barrage of rumors about a potential 2020 presidential run following her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. Winfrey eventually squashed the rumors that had been swirling across social media for days by denying any intention to run. But Trump may have just resurrected the “Run Oprah Run” campaign with one utterly petty tweet.

Our hopelessly insecure president was referring to a recent segment of Winfrey’s on 60 minutes in which she brought back  14 partisan voters, with seven who voted for Trump and seven who voted for Hillary.

Given how obsessed Trump is with his crumbling image, CBS’ Matt Ford easily identified the part that ticked Trump offed.

The majority of Americans became jaded to the type of unpresidential behavior Trump exhibits daily. However, his behavior shows just how scared Trump is of Orpah, and if she were to change her mind and throw her hat in the ring after all.

Assuming the bumptious baboon manages to avoid impeachment and doesn’t resign, he most certainly should be terrified of Oprah Winfrey. Unlike Trump, she is adored and loved by the majority of Americans, and unlike Trump, she’s a legitimate self-made success, which came from nothing.

But even if Winfrey keeps her word and stays out of the 2020 race, this is yet another reminder of how unhinged Trump is and why he needs to go as quickly as possible. Harvey Weinstein will sooner speak at a Women’s March before Trump ever learns a single about government and speak for all of America like the job requires.

Featured image via YouTube.