Trump orders Fox News to keep his water carrying hosts on the air as advertisers flee


President Donald Trump posted a Twitter rant in defense of Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson on Sunday morning while ordering Fox News to keep the hateful pair on the air.

Not long after he threatened FCC action against Late Night television programming and Saturday Night Live for making fun of him, Trump demanded Fox News not fire Pirro or Carlson, two of his top propagandists, even though they are both under fire for incendiary remarks as advertisers flee their shows.

Pirro insulted Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) for wearing a hijab in Congress, calling her “un-American” in a tirade that resulting in her show not airing on Saturday night.

Carlson is in trouble because of past remarks he made on a radio show about women in which he also defended child rape.

Fox News condemned Pirro’s statements, but has refused to punish Carlson even as he refuses to apologize.

On Sunday Trump lashed out at the network and claimed that Democrats and the media are in cahoots to get both hosts booted from their jobs.

Trump is clearly demanding allegiance from Fox News as if he runs the network and he’s being a hypocrite for demanding “balance” from other networks but not his own propaganda machine.

In reality, advertising dollars are an important revenue stream for all news networks, and Fox News has to do what’s best for business instead of what the president wants. If that means firing Pirro and Carlson to replace them with hosts who won’t scare away advertisers, then so be it.

If an MSNBC host remarked that a Jewish Republican lawmaker is “un-American” for wearing a yamaka, Trump would be demanding that host be fired. And if a CNN host had made past remarks in support of child rape, Trump would also demand that host be terminated as well. Trump is also a walking double standard himself since he often makes incendiary remarks about all sorts of people and groups, yet he still has his own job. One could even say Trump has said much worse than anything Pirro and Carlson have said. The difference is that he is an elected official who can only be fired by Congress or the voters. Fox News is a private employer that can fire employees for any infraction of company policy.

Fox News should not let Trump dictate company decisions. Because if they do, the network truly becomes a state-owned entity.

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