Trump orders U.S. companies to find an ‘alternative’ to China as trade war escalates again

In response to a new round of retaliatory tariffs China imposed on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods — including U.S. automobiles and auto parts — President Donald Trump “ordered” American companies to find “alternatives” to doing business with China.

In a series of increasingly angry tweets, Trump lashed out at the latest move by China, suggesting that the United States would be “better off” if it didn’t trade with the second-largest economy in the world:

Trump cannot order any company to do anything, and he certainly can’t force U.S. businesses to obey his specious edict, as even Fox News host Chris Wallace noted Friday:

“I don’t think the president can order a car company to move some of its factories from one place to another. He could impose tariffs or make it economically untenable, but he can’t sit there and order the CEO of the board — and my guess is most people in this country wouldn’t want to see the president be able to do this.”

Wallace then noted that Trump’s toxic tweeting about the trade war and U.S. economy are only making things worse:

“When you have the president of the United States sort of flailing around this way and ordering companies to move back to the U.S. and saying that the head of the Federal Reserve is the enemy of the country, is that going to create more consumer confidence about the state of the economy or not?”

There’s an old saying that Donald Trump needs to be aware of and certainly applies in this situation with the U.S. and world economy on the verge of meltdown as a direct result of his actions: You break it, you bought it.

Featured Image Via Fox News