Trump Rages At Media For Not Calling 2018 Election A Victory For Republicans And Giving Him Credit For It

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President Donald Trump lashed out at the press on Thursday evening for not characterizing the 2018 election as a Republican victory and for not giving him credit for it. Because math is hard for him, apparently.

Democrats resoundingly flipped the House last month in an election that saw many Republican incumbents lose their seats, even in red districts such as in Texas and California, where Republicans lost every single Orange County district that they had traditionally held since the Reagan years.

Furthermore, Democrats were not expected to take back control of the Senate and had more seats to defend than Republicans did. In order to take back the Senate, Democrats would have had to flip a few Republicans seats while successfully defending all of their own. It didn’t exactly go down that way, but Democrats won Senate races in Arizona and Nevada and came very close to victories in Florida and Texas. Republicans only gained two Senate seats while Democrats won 40 House seats and proved that Republican strongholds in red states are vulnerable as the 2020 Election looms.

But Trump thinks that Republicans somehow won the election and that only the Senate matters and he threw a temper tantrum because the media isn’t reporting on the election his way.

Again, Democrats won the House, which means Trump’s legislative agenda just stalled out and real investigations of his administration can begin. That’s not a win for him. It’s also clear that if Democrats field a great candidate in 2020, Trump could be a one-term president. And since Republicans will face harder Senate races that year as well, it’s possible Democrats will take the Senate back and hold both houses of Congress and the White House starting in 2021.

In no way was the 2018 Election a win for Trump and Republicans, but rather a harbinger of things to come.

Even Twitter users reminded Trump of the facts.

Republicans would be wise to understand that they got beat by Democrats in the 2018 election and that the reason they got beat is because of Trump. His behavior and terrible policies are energizing Democratic voters and causing independent and moderate Republican voters to lean Democratic. That’s not good for their political survival, and their election prospects will only get worse if they join Trump in denial.


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