Trump rages at Nancy Pelosi, says she’s ‘Under total control of the radical left’


Hours before his scheduled address to the nation, President Donald Trump stood on the South Lawn of the White House and raged at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for daring to oppose him on his demand for billions of dollars for his long-promised border wall.

Speaking with reporters before he boarded Marine One, Trump was asked about the ongoing government shutdown which is now in its 29th day and the president previously said he was “proud” to take the blame for. He responded:

“Well, I hope that Speaker Pelosi can come along and realize what everybody knows — no matter who it is — they know that walls work and we need walls.

“And whether it is personal or not, it is not personal for me.”

Of course, everything is personal for Donald Trump. No matter the issue, he takes everything personally because he’s a narcissist and he thinks he’s the center of the universe.

The president then went off on a bizarre rant in which he tried to paint Pelosi as being controlled by forces on the “left”:

“She’s being controlled by the radical left, which is a problem.

“She’s under total control of the radical left. I think it is a very bad thing for her, I think it’s a very bad thing for the Democrats.”

If that’s the case, then there must be lots of members of the “radical left” in this country, because recent polling data shows the majority of Americans don’t want to spend a dime on a border wall. CNN reported Friday:

“Six high-quality polls have been released this week touching on Trump, the shutdown, the Democrats in Congress and the wall.

“Most confirmed what we already knew from before the shutdown started: Opposition to a border wall is widespread and deep. But beyond that general opposition, the new polls offer some consistent results, including:

  • Blame, in the public’s mind, rests largely at the White House.
  • Many object to the shutdown, especially as a tactic to build the wall.
  • Few see a wall as an effective way to combat undocumented immigration.”

And while Trump may try to claim that Democrats are being controlled by the “left,” he neglects to mention that he’s being led around by the nose by the likes of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, who are telling the president they will denounce him if he doesn’t build a wall.

Maybe it’s time Trump cut his losses and got back to work on issues that actually matter to Americans: Health care, income inequality, and the economy.

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