Trump rages that the Mueller report shouldn’t be made public because the Russia probe was a ‘hoax’


The Mueller report is clearly on President Donald Trump’s mind, and though he said just a couple of weeks ago that he didn’t mind if the entire document be released to the public, it seems as if he’s changed his mind.

Bright and early Monday morning, Trump took to Twitter and began railing against letting the report see the light of day, arguing that since the Russia investigation had been a “hoax,” no one needed to see what Special Counsel Robert Mueller found over the past two years:

Here’s the problem with Trump’s factually-challenged assertions:

  • If the “Russian Hoax” never happened, doesn’t it stand to reason that Trump would want the Mueller report to be shared with everyone?
  • Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, certainly is entitled to the full report. Keep in mind Nadler’s committee is where impeachment would begin.

There was lots of pushback on social media to the president’s angry, panicked tweets:

Featured Image Via NBC News