Trump rails against Hillary Clinton, CNN, and the ‘witch hunt’ in paranoid, disjointed Sunday tweet

If you were wondering what effect all of the investigations into President Donald Trump are having in the notoriously paranoid head of state, a tweet he sent out Sunday morning suggests that he’s feeling the pressure and it’s making him more unstable than usual:

He followed that posting with this one trashing the late Arizona Senator John McCain:

First, let’s fact check the president: The “Fake News” didn’t refuse the Steele dossier; The Daily Beast published it and was criticized for doing so. Also, the fact that Trump remains utterly obsessed with the dossier certainly suggests that it must have some credibility.

The comments about McCain are part of a larger pattern: McCain served his country honorably while Trump used “bone spurs” to avoid serving in Vietnam. McCain was also loved by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Trump, on the other hand, is loved by almost no one other than himself.

Twitter pounced on the president’s latest delusional ranting:

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