Trump rails against Mueller report on Twitter, even though he claims it exonerates him


It’s been over a week since Special Counsel Robert Mueller completed his investigation into the Russian attack on the 2016 election and handed in his findings to Attorney General William Barr, but President Donald Trump simply cannot stop attacking Mueller, his report, and Congressional Democrats.

The president was up early on Monday morning, firing off this tweet:

First things first: A quick fact-check:

  • No “conclusions” have been reached since no one has seen the report other than AG Barr.
  • No Democrats are pretending that Mueller doesn’t exist, and it’s safe to bet that the special counsel will be asked to testify before Congress in the near future.

Isn’t it odd that while Trump publicly claims the report exonerates him (even though Barr’s summary suggests otherwise) he simply cannot let the matter drop and move on? Could that be the result of a guilty conscience, or does the president know the full report contains a great deal of damaging information?

Whatever his real motivations, Trump got bashed by Twitter for his continued whining:

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