Trump Repeats Lie That The FBI Illegally Broke Into Michael Cohen’s Office

Trump FBI

President Donald Trump accused the FBI of illegally breaking into his former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen’s office in a Twitter meltdown immediately countered by legal experts.

The FBI raided Cohen’s legal offices in April to conduct a search for evidence of criminal activities after a judge signed off on a warrant.

The search led to Cohen being arrested for committing felonies he has since pleaded guilty to in a court of law, all while implicating Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator known as “Individual 1” in court documents.

On Sunday morning, Trump complained that Cohen only flipped on him after law enforcement raided the office, which he wrongly described as them breaking into the office.

Trump has repeatedly made this claim, and it has always been debunked because the FBI had a warrant giving them the right to search the premises.

This time was no different as legal experts swiftly responded to Trump’s lies.

Even Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano defended the FBI raid back in April by pointing out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller referred evidence to the Southern District of New York, which is run by Trump appointee Geoffrey Berman, who also signed off on the warrant along with the Justice Department.

Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway also chimed in at the time, pointing out Justice Department guidelines regarding attorney-client privilege to explain why Trump is wrong to claim that the FBI violated it.

Trump must truly be panicking if he has resorted to dredging up this old debunked claim.


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