Trump Resorts To Threatening Voters On Election Eve To Scare Them Away From Voting

Trump voter intimidation

President Donald Trump is so desperate for Republicans to win the midterm election on Tuesday that he resorted to threatening voters on Twitter in a clear example of voter intimidation.

The intimidation tactic included announcing that law enforcement will be “closely” watching voters in order to find voter fraud, something that is virtually non-existent in this country according to multiple studies.

Trump also threatened to punish voters with the maximum prison sentence even though he has no say over sentencing, which falls under the purview of the judicial branch.

This is an intimidation tactic demonstrating that Trump is desperate as Election Day approaches. Democrats are poised and widely predicted to take back the House and could narrowly take back control of the Senate, events that would neuter his presidency and make him the subject of more subpoenas and real congressional investigations.

Trump’s last-minute tactic also makes him a hypocrite as Republicans in several states, including Georgia, employ voter suppression tactics.

Twitter users called him out.

The president should be encouraging Americans to vote, not trying to scare them into hiding from doing their civic duty. That’s why it’s so important that everyone vote no matter what on Tuesday to show Trump that we are not intimidated by him.


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