Trump Ridiculed For Suggesting Creation of State-Run Network To Preach His Propaganda To The World

Trump fake news

President Donald Trump moved to make the United States even more like an authoritarian country on Monday by suggesting the creation of a state-run media network to preach his propaganda to the world.

In yet another temper tantrum about CNN, Trump complained that the network has “little competition” outside of America even though BBC also broadcasts internationally. Trump then whined that CNN doesn’t cover him fairly and suggested a government news network that would spread his propaganda worldwide:

Basically, Trump is calling for an international version of North Korean or Russian state-run propaganda, which is what dictators do to control information. Trump already has Fox News for that in the United States, but Fox News is barred from the airwaves in many nation because it constantly misleads and lies.

Apparently, Fox News isn’t enough for Trump anymore. He wants to brainwash the entire globe with his lies.

Twitter smothered him with ridicule:

Once again, Trump embarrassed himself and made America look like a laughingstock. State-run propaganda is not what this country does, nor should we. Taxpayers should not be forced to fund what would amount to Trump’s international propaganda network. Trump is just jealous of CNN’s success and he is furious that they tell the truth about him instead of repeating his lies. Trump proved that he seriously wants to be dictator and Americans must resist him.

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