Trump Says GOP Supports Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions And Gets Slammed By Internet Karma

Trump Bornet

Just last month, the Justice Department asked a federal court to utterly destroy Obamacare, including protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and President Donald Trump has certainly made no secret of his disdain for the Affordable Care Act, repeatedly vowing to repeal it, though he hasn’t been able to muster the necessary votes in Congress to do so.

Despite this open hostility to a program that helps millions of American get affordable health insurance, Trump is now trying to make us believe that he and his party want to protect those with pre-existing conditions. Fearing massive losses in the midterm election, the president tweeted out this ludicrous assertion on Thursday:

Keep in mind Trump’s blatant lie comes just 24 hours after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the GOP was still eager to kill Obamacare if they manage to maintain their grip on both houses of Congress.

Fortunately, social media has a long memory, and Trump was met with ridicule for his attempt to have it both ways on the issue of healthcare:

Featured Image Via the BBC