Trump says he hasn’t read the Mueller report, but knows it proves he’s innocent in angry Saturday tweets


President Donald Trump claims Congressional Democrats are the ones obsessed with the Mueller report, but he’s the one who posted paranoid tweets Saturday morning claiming that even though he hasn’t read the report, he knows it proves he’s innocent.

Here’s the tweets he posted:

So he hasn’t read the report (even though he claims he could), and yet he knows it proves he did nothing wrong. Problem is, even Attorney General Barr’s four-page summary said Trump had not been exonerated on charges of obstructing justice.

In other words, Trump just provided more evidence of why we need to see the full report for ourselves!

Reaction on Twitter to Trump’s deranged rage tweeting was immediate:

Trump sounds nervous, doesn’t he? That alone tells us there’s plenty of dirt in the report, which needs to be released IMMEDIATELY!

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