Trump says he is imposing tariffs on China and Mexico so they won’t think he’s ‘foolish’

Based on what he claimed Saturday, it seems that President Donald Trump didn’t actually impose trade tariffs on both China and Mexico because he hopes to bring them to the negotiating table, but because he cannot stand the thought of them thinking he’s “foolish.”

In a series of tweets he posted, Trump attacked The Washington Post for reporting that his latest round of tariffs on China will affect $200 billion worth of goods. Trump felt the need to correct the Post, claiming (without proof) that the tariffs are on $250 billion in Chinese imports:

And then Trump moved on to Mexico, spinning a bizarre theory of how companies will move from Mexico to the U.S. as soon as tariffs take hold:

Be sure and note the mention of “foolish pols,” which would seem to include the president seeing as how he’s known for being foolish and is also a politician, whether he admits it or not.

Then it was on to some of Trump’s favorite racist tropes about immigrants:

The president ended his Twitter rant by assuring Americans that they are no longer “fools,” even though it would seem that millions were indeed fooled by the lies and empty promises of a man who has been conning people his entire life:

All of this comes just a day after several Republicans in Congress criticized Trump for trying to tie the issues of immigration and trade together, with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) commenting:

“Trade policy and border security are separate issues. This is a misuse of presidential tariff authority and counter to congressional intent.”

It would be tempting to think Trump understood the point Grassley was making, but it seems unlikely he got beyond the first couple of words. After all, we’re told this president isn’t fond of reading.

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