Trump Says He Loves Farmers, Brags About Non-Existent Trade Deal With China

Trump China

President Donald Trump woke up Monday morning, grabbed his cell phone, and immediately started tweeting out alternative facts about a trade deal with China that hasn’t yet been finalized:

Chinese state media, however, seemed to disagree with Trump’s rosy spin of a deal that they haven’t yet seen or signed. CNBC notes:

“While both the U.S. and China called this weekend’s meeting on trade very successful, many Chinese-language state media left out references to a 90-day condition for both sides to agree on issues such as technology transfer.

“Another apparent discrepancy come from Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s, who remarked that the two countries will work toward eliminating tariffs. A White House Press Secretary statement posted online, for its part, did not include that point.”

Hmm…sounds like once again Trump has jumped the gun in a desperate attempt to change the topic from the bad news that broke last week regarding the Russia investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to a charge of lying to Congress and admitted he had discussed arranging the construction of a high-rise tower in Moscow just months before the 2016 election took place. Trump has repeatedly denied he had any business interests or connections to Russia.

Twitter was quick to slam Trump for his bogus claims and his pandering:

Later today, perhaps Trump will announce that he’s finally managed to end World War I and will soon be bringing our troops back from “over there.”

Featured Image Via CNN Screenshot