Trump Says Many Members Of The ‘Fake News Media’ Are ‘Crazed Lunatics’


Apparently, President Donald Trump woke up in one of his moods Monday morning, attacking the news media for daring to report on the utter chaos in his administration.

Three tweets were fired off by Trump first thing this morning:

Clearly, Trump doesn’t realize both the blatant hypocrisy and incredible irony of him daring to refer to anyone as a crazed lunatic. After all, he’s the one who tweets gibberish at two in the morning (remember “covfefe”?) and talks in half-formed sentences that wander all over the place and never arrive at any destination.

Trump’s angry ranting was met with consternation on social media, where he was reminded that his tweets only serve to make him look more unhinged than we ever suspected:

Meanwhile, nearly a million federal employees remain without their pay and the ability to pay their bills or provide for their families.

Featured Image Via NBC News