Trump says ‘Nancy will be begging for a wall’ after Pelosi nixes any money for it


During her weekly press conference Thursday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made it clear that President Donald Trump won’t be getting a penny for his border wall in the legislation being crafted by a bipartisan Congressional committee:

“There’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation. However, if they have some suggestions about certain localities where some technology, some infrastructure, as I said we might need more ports of entry, some roads. That’s part of the negotiation. It is not a negotiation for the president’s. What did he say today? It doesn’t matter what Congress does? I knew that he wanted it all to himself. Oh, really? A president who wants Congress to be completely irrelevant in how we meet the needs of the American people? No. Come on.”

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At the White House a few minutes after Pelosi made her remarks, Trump tried to suggest that the Speaker would soon be “begging” him for a wall because more caravans of immigrants are headed toward the United States:

“Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall. If they’re not going to give money for the wall…it’s not going to work.”

It certainly didn’t sound like Pelosi was begging, and keep in mind she’s already beaten Trump at hardball once before, forcing him to end the shutdown without him gaining a cent for construction of his beloved wall.

Pelosi was also asked about whether or not she believes the Kremlin has some sort of compromising information that they are using to manipulate Trump. To that, she responded:

“I think it’s a question. By the way. I’ve been asking that question for two years – almost as long as you’ve asked me, ‘Is there any money for the wall in the bill?’ I’ve always said that. What is this? What is this? Something is wrong with this picture.”

Whatever transpires from this point forward between the Speaker and Trump, this much seems clear: He has met his match, and she is playing him like a fiddle.

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