Trump says no gun reform unless his racist immigration policies are passed first


President Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to use the mass shootings that occurred over the weekend to pass his racist immigration policies.

As the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio were being carried out, Trump played golf while 29 people were slaughtered within 24 hours by white nationalist terrorists.

So far, Republicans continue to refuse to pass two background check bills in the Senate, which had already been passed by the House months ago.

Instead of taking action by demanding gun reform and getting it done, Trump is trying to tie gun reform to his anti-immigration agenda, as in gun reform won’t pass unless he gets his way on immigration first.

The very suggestion that gun reform should be tied to an agenda that his white nationalist supporters are killing for is beyond insulting to every victim of a white nationalist terrorist attack. Trump is literally trying to force Americans to support his crimes against humanity at the border by using these tragedies that were not committed by undocumented immigrants.

These killings are the result of Trump’s hateful and violent rhetoric, which is perfectly demonstrated in a rally moment from May when Trump laughed and joked about shooting migrants.

And if that weren’t enough, Trump also tried to pin the blame for the tragedies on the media instead of taking responsibility for inciting the racism and violence that led to them.

If ever you needed more proof that Trump is a selfish a**hole, these tweets are it.

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