Trump screams ‘presidential harassment’ in morning hissy fit after praising Fox on Twitter


President Donald Trump spent his “executive time” watching “Fox & Friends” as usual on Friday morning, and threw a hissy fit on Twitter he capped off by screaming “presidential harassment.”

As the Senate prepares to vote on a resolution denouncing his national emergency declaration, Trump began by insisting that his wall on the southern border is under construction and that several contracts unauthorized by Congress are about to be signed.

Trump then praised the show for spreading his propaganda.

But he couldn’t stop tweeting until he whined about the media and accused the press and Democrats of “presidential harassment.”

Trump is not being harassed. He’s being legitimately investigated by federal prosecutors and several House committees for everything from money laundering, conspiracy, campaign finance felonies, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, and insurance fraud. The American people overwhelmingly support the probes and want Congress to provide oversight of his administration.

Twitter users were not amused by his tantrum:

Trump can throw Twitter tantrums all he wants it won’t stop the train of criminal charges barreling toward him. There’s too much evidence to pursue and too many witnesses who will flip to not believe that he is going to get impeached or indicted. Instead of crying about it, he should save everyone the trouble and just resign while he still can.

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