Trump Says ‘Ask Jeff Sessions’ About Obama Not Being Focus Of Russia Investigation

In yet another Twitter tirade, President Donald Trump once again accused former President Barack Obama of doing nothing about Russian meddling in the 2016 Election.

Trump seems to be so desperate to shake off Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation that he is repeating his debunked claim that the previous administration is to blame for the Russian meddling.

On Wednesday morning, Trump demanded to know why Obama isn’t the subject of Mueller’s investigation and suggested that the Democrats committed crimes before attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump made the same claim a few days ago.

The problem for Trump is that Obama did do something.

According to USA Today:

The FBI during the Obama administration did begin investigating Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election through email hacks and pushing fake news on social media. Obama also slapped new sanctions on Moscow over its U.S. election activity.

Indeed, Obama even warned Republican leaders that Russia was interfering with the election and urged them to join him in a bipartisan effort to warn the public. But Republicans wanted no part of it, forcing his administration to stay quiet or risk being accused of trying to sway the election in favor of 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

It should also be pointed out that Trump’s campaign is being investigated for possible collusion because it turns out members of his campaign had communications with Russia at the time, including a meeting with Russian inside Trump Tower in June 2016. Thus far, Mueller has indicted two members of Trump’s campaign and accepted plea deals from two others. And that’s not to mention the 13 Russian nationals who were indicted last week.

After that huge bombshell, Trump seemed to think that the investigation was over. However, it’s probably just getting started.

Furthermore, Trump has been repeatedly warned by his own officials that Russia is continuing to attack our democratic process.

But Trump has refused to punish Russia with sanctions that Congress overwhelmingly passed last year.

So, while Trump falsely accuses Obama of not doing something about Russian meddling, he is letting Russia get away with interfering in 2016 and isn’t lifting a finger to prevent Russia from interfering in future elections.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.