Trump Sinks To New Low With Outrageous Attack Mocking Native Americans

President Donald Trump demonstrated that he’s absolutely terrified of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) late Sunday night by insulting her proven Native American heritage in an embarrassing attack on Twitter.

Warren officially announced her 2020 presidential campaign earlier this month and is among the few Democrats favored to challenge Trump. Her progressive economic views and advocacy on behalf of consumers makes her a popular choice.

In an effort to identify with most Americans, Warren posted a video of herself at home with her husband drinking a beer. And that was apparently enough to trigger Trump, who took to Twitter to attack her while insulting Native Americans in the process.

The desperate tweets came just after Trump childishly attacked Amazon founder Jeff Bezos using playground insults in a post that spectacularly backfired since he accidentally admitted that the National Enquirer is telling the truth about him and his former fixer Michael Cohen committing campaign finance felonies.

The tweets about Warren were especially offensive to Native Americans, who took to Twitter to blast Trump’s racism.

Other Twitter users also chimed in.

For her part, Warren has not responded to Trump’s attack, choosing to focus instead on the important issues such as the government shutdown that is hurting thousands of federal workers. You know, like a real leader.

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