Trump spews debunked conspiracy to attack Mueller and the Russia investigation

Trump Mueller

President Donald Trump is apparently trying to push the idea that there should not be a final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller by claiming that the Russia investigation is just a vast conspiracy against him by the Democrats, FBI, and Department of Justice.

Mueller has been wrapping up his investigation for weeks now and a final report is expected soon, resulting in high anticipation and demands that it be released in full to the public for all to see.

But Trump clearly doesn’t want to see it because he knows it’s not going to be good for him, which is why he launched a conspiracy claim on Friday to discredit the investigation.

It all started while Trump was watching Fox & Friends during his “executive time” when he claimed that former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s recently released congressional testimony somehow reveals “evidence” the FBI, DOJ, and CIA worked with former President Barack Obama to “spy on and take out” then-candidate Trump.

The problem is that Strzok’s testimony doesn’t reveal anything of the sort and actually squashes the GOP narrative they created by taking Strzok’s quotes out of context.

Trump went on to claim that officials supposedly have “acknowledged” there was “zero crime” committed and accused Hillary Clinton of collusion. Trump then called the Russia probe “illegal” and appears to be laying the groundwork to justify killing the Mueller report.

The problem for Trump is that his “Spygate” claims against Obama and the FBI have been repeatedly debunked, even by Republicans.

Furthermore, the FBI opened an investigation because they had probable cause to do so as laid out in FISA warrants that were signed by Republican judges. The investigation was then turned over to a special counsel, and Mueller has uncovered a load of crimes since he took over, resulting in several guilty pleas and the indictment of six Trump associates, including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.

Trump is panicking and he fears what the final Mueller report will say, and that’s why he is desperately spinning this conspiracy so he can discredit it or excuse burying it after it gets submitted. This is just another Trump scheme that no one except his most devoted supporters are falling for.


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