Trump Starts 2019 By Posting ALL CAPS Tweet Screaming At The Media And His Critics


President Donald Trump began the first day of the New Year on Tuesday by screaming at his critics and the press in an ALL CAPS Twitter message.

The deranged message comes on a day in which all Americans are supposed to feel good about the year ahead. Instead, Trump immediately put an end to all of that by demonstrating that he is more out of control and deranged than ever before:

Seriously, Trump just accused more than half of Americans of being “haters” and having “Trump derangement syndrome.”

After all, a majority of Americans want Trump impeached and his approval rating is in the toilet, including among active duty troops.

Trump’s desire for Americans to just “calm down and enjoy the ride” is particularly insulting because not only does it appear that he is treating his opponents and critics the way he treats angry women, but also because Trump has spent the last two years destroying the country and our reputation in the world, and he clearly intends to do more of the same this year.

Twitter users absolutely blasted him:

Trump’s tweet is an embarrassing way for a president to start the New Year, and does nothing to make Americans hopeful. Perhaps Special Counsel Robert Mueller will do something this year to change that. Then it will be a very happy 2019 indeed, and we can truly start to calm down.

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